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Dante is the new member of our household, he joined us back in November last year when he and two other kittens were handed in by one of our clients, the kittens were victims of a controlled burn on a property near Sheffield. The family that handled them in took the healthiest of the three, he was suffering from no more than a few singed whiskers and lots of smoke damage to his fur – he is now called Diego and gets lots of lovin’ from his new family.

We kept the other two for observation, Lucifer the ginger tabby and the worst off when it comes to burns died two days later. Dante stayed with us for intensive care, all the while growing on us as his burns healed, so much so we just had to give him a loving home.

He has made a remarkable recovery but didn’t get out of the ordeal without visible scaring, his rear feet suffered quite nasty burns and are slightly deformed with a claw growing out the middle of one pad, this causes him some discomfort from time to time – Dr. Sue will look at it closely when he is sedated for his desexing.

Dante Gallery

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  1. Written by Snuva
    on February 26, 2009 at 20:09

    Great photos!

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